When we hear terms like UI/UX Design or Product Design, the only thing we’re sure about is designing what a user/customer sees and interacts with whatever you’re offering. However, these two are really broad terms from business perspective.

User Interface Design

UI — User Interface Design is specifically about designing the screens of your mobile app, website, dashboard, whatsoever. This includes higher end graphics and graphically fascinating creatives. In short, UI is all what we see on a particular screen including all those images, icons, fonts, animations, effects, etc.

Source: Google Images — User Interface

You can make a UI better by choosing better illustrations, pixel perfect images, appealing…

Bitclout is a bit confusing🤷🏻‍♂️

There were two opinions about Bitclout from start.

A.) The future of productizing people, and listing them on a stock exchange

B.) Just a marketplace of Shitcoins probably turning out to be a scam.

Let’s unwrap a few things here.

For those who don’t know, Bitclout is a blockchain-based social media platform that ranks users based on their following and reputation. The people behind the project are still unknown, going by the pseudonym ‘Diamondhands.’ A few mentioned @nadertheory to be the one behind.

Now, since its launch on 24th March, Bitclout got a lot of…

Why Bangalore is called the startup capital of India? Is it so?

Hey there, Many of us heard the same; Bangalore is the silicon valley of India right. Here, I’ll discuss my own experience of the city since it’s been 2-months I’m here. By the end of this, you can yourself judge if this is the right title for the city!!!

Why I came to Bangalore?

So, I’m a Product Designer here in an emerging well-funded startup Blackboard Radio. When looking for a job my only filters were Design, a small team, and Bangalore!!!

To give you some history, back then, I was heading a…

If you ever lived in a space where you frequently meet people from tech, design, or say entrepreneurial culture, you must’ve heard this before that networking is the key to success today. Is it?

What is Social Networking?

The baseline is that you know people who can do stuff. Now, this might include the tech guys, designers, geeks, managers, VCs, or maybe just an audience who blindly follow you on twitter. And they say that it’s all you need.

But no one will ever tell you the right way to build a network from scratch. …

Is ‘wfh’ really working for students?

COVID-19 has impacted our lives upto such an extent that we’ve created a New Normal. One of such changes is Virtual Classroom. We are getting so used to it that we’re not considering the drawbacks of the same.

Let’s first consider the plus points of Virtual Classroom to create a context for comparison.

Advantages of Virtual Classroom

Artificial Intelligence — Are we using it in the most efficient way possible?

AI, The term we hear almost everyday now. Artificial Intelligence has impacted our lives so deep that we don’t even notice the use of AI in our day-to-day usage of such products. No doubt, AI has lot more to offer in coming future.

Artificial Intelligence is being used in so many ways today to learn about human behaviour and teach the system to act accordingly. However, Education is one sector which is not impacted much with this advancement in technology. …

Source: Duolingo cartoon characters

While 75% of users chose to use Duolingo to learn another language, NONE of them have actually completed the courses.

WHY?, the two main reasons were:

  1. “I felt the program was too long” ⏳
  2. “I just got bored and quit early.” 😬

Questions Raised:

  • Why did they feel the program was too long?
  • Why did they get bored?
  • Why weren’t they motivated enough?

100% of users agreed on really liking the simplicity and gaming approach of Duolingo.

Real User Interview of Duolingo

  • “It was easy to navigate, and I get points every time I reach a level”. 🏆
  • Fun, interactive, easy to…

Aashish Manchanda

Product Designer @Blackboard Radio

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